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And loud wind woke me up along with a bad dream. Bad omen?

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practice practice practice

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i have two commslots left

if any one is willing to get them i would appreciate it . im willing to add flat colors as a free bonus to the lines and color to the painted sketches. :3

here is my comm info prices and list ( i keep it pretty well updated with the slots )

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shybeanies said: Hi. Love the art. Have you played Among the Sleep by chance? Worth a look if you haven't since I see you lovvve spooky games. c:

thanks !! Among  the sleep is something i actually recently saw the trailer for  and im actually REALLY interest in it . ;w; it looks cute and the story draws me in .

im really baby at horror games as you can see i stall alot and flip out easy. but i do enjoy them to some sick degree! 

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DUURRS no name  . 3 .

no name  . 3 .

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various comic book stuffs. slowly getting the lines done . and some character hair fun.

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comm for shaygar this babe was the cutest to draw <3 

comm for shaygar this babe was the cutest to draw <3 

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There needs to be more body positive songs in pop culture and I think this is a great contribution. THIS VIDEO IS AN IMPORTANT THING.

(via jubilatio)

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dreporium and i oc sometimes and he drew an arm. so i added a bunny ; w;

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tetra-apples said: For your comic WIP how big is it?

the files themselves are screencaps so not that bug BUT the actual comic itself will be bigger ;w;

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comic page… WIP !!

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comm for RV :3 i like that spandex  &gt; W &gt; &lt;3

comm for RV :3 i like that spandex  > W > <3

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drawing for @angryogre

drawing for @angryogre

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Guess who grew up reading peter rabbit as a babe . SHIT BRO STORY IS ESSENTIALLY TALK SHIT GET HIT.


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